A fond is a set of records, in whatever form or media, organically produced and/or accumulated and used by an individual, family or legal person in the course of their activities and functions.

A collection is a set of documents gathered artificially due to any common characteristic, regardless of their origin. Collections can exist at different levels of description, including their background and series.

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A digital representation consists of a set of files that together express or materialize an intellectual object (e.g. a set of digitized images of pages of a book, video, relational database, etc.).

Mostly, the digital representations available in the collection consist of digitized versions of documents originally existing on paper.

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A composed document is the organized unit of documents grouped in the course of archival organization, because they refer to the same subject, activity, or transaction processing itself. Examples of composed documents are processes (civil, criminal, personnel, work, etc.), information dossiers, nonlinear documents, etc.

A simple document is the smallest intellectually indivisible archival unit, e.g., letter, memorandum, report, photograph, sound recording.

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In this option you can retrieve a list of all the existing descriptive records in the system.

This option enables you to navigate in a non-oriented way in all the information in the collection.

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